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Jake Down’s Songs to Spur You On EP is simply riveting. Though only 3 songs in length, the record fits in enough imagery, feeling, and emotion to fill an entire LP. Mr. Down is a poet. Simply put, his songs are gorgeous poems put over soothing acoustic guitar (along with some bass, percussion, and accordion all recorded by Matthew Eastman), that when combined together make this EP the most comfortable, relaxing, and enjoyable 15 minutes I have ever experienced through music or by any other means. His words paint perfect pictures in your mind, and regardless of whether or not the images are themselves pleasant, the song itself makes you seem more friendly with the somewhat saddening or borderline frightening subjects in his works. Combine all of that with a marvelous voice and you will have Jake Down. I expect great things from this artist, and I expect to now have a better time sitting around a campfire by listening to his record instead of Jimmy Buffet. Go download his music at, it’s name your own price, so if you would like to take it for free, do so, but also feel free to leave him a donation, it’s well deserved!

-Jimmy Fasulo

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