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I recently posted on the L4L page seeking music that was different from the norm. Keeper, met the requirements this week. 

The female-fronted UK based group, Keeper, is blend a mix of intense emotive lyrical stylings with an uncanny technically driven backing. The band draws from various hardcore, experimental, and metal bands creating an outcome that is apparent yet original. 

Posted track is their current single “Out Of It” which Keeper has released at the “Name Your Own Price/Donation” option on bandcamp. If you enjoy this, please check out their bandcamp and listen to the opener from the single “Knots”. Both songs are of equal quality and can easily become future fan favorites.

Here are some important links to follow if you dig the band!

RIYL: Chiodos, The Fall Of Troy, Norman Jean, La Dispute, At The Drive-In

-Doug L4L

EDENBORN takes the cake this week with their release of 2183.

Formerly The Legacy Hour, the new group consists of Pat Grasso, Jeremy Davis, Sharon Malfesi, Andrew Formale, and Joe Natale. After a few line up changes and a short break, the band released 2183 on Tuesday May 7th, 2013.

Before the release, the band has been making major waves in the metalcore scene winning the battle to play Eat Your Heart Fest with headliners including Whitechapel and Emmure, unfortunately that date of the tour was cancelled due to the severe weather that plagued much of the Northeast this past winter.

 Featured track “Tali Vas Normandy” (insert Mass Effect 3 nerd reference) highlights the bands technical mastery of the metalcore genre featuring clean backing vocals from Malfesi who also shreds as one of the bands lead guitarists. Combine the flawless screaming with subtle melodic vocal parts, controlled technical drumming, and guitars so precise you almost find yourself categorizing the group as an instrumental djent/metal band much like Intervals. 

The production value of 2183 is pristine. Every format that I play the EP through sounds great, the mixes translate well even on my laptop speakers. It is clear that the bands’ partnership with Westfall Recording Company in Long Island NY is paying off.

2183 is available for DONATION on the bands Bandcamp page, a trend that has been sweeping the music industry as bands attempt to get their music to fans by any means possible.  Therefore, it is up to you, download it for free, or throw the band some extra cash as a donation. Travel, gear, and recording time are not free so why not help an unsigned band.

Overall, I rate 2183, with a 5/5 and it is a great start for the bands career.

RYIL: Misery Signals, August Burns Red, Parkway Drive, The Ghost Inside, Shai Hulud

Here is the link again!

-Doug L4L

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ROCHELLE ROCHELLE is a group whom we have followed closely over the past few months due to their ability to encompass a variety of rock styles and provide professional image and media presence. 
Great Music + Marketing = Successful bands

Here is a clip of “Sailors Delight” the bands, 2nd video from their recently released EP, Mere Exposure. "Sailors Delight" is the most upbeat and pop oriented track on the EP reminding me of Mayday Parade mixed with a harder rock styling close to that of Broadway. 

Be sure to pick up a copy of Mere Exposure, for only $5 on bandcamp and iTunes. 

-Doug L4L

Okay I know I have been slacking with my posts. 
In my defense, I had some job interviews, rehearsal with my 2nd band, and my 25th birthday all within the same week = CHAOS

On with the goods!

Over the past few years all has been quiet from previous members of Damiera and Kiss Kiss until they united to form Chicago based quartet HIDDEN HOSPITALS.

Here is a clip from their second effort, EP 002.
I revisit this due to the bands recent vinyl release. 
I have never heard a vinyl that sounds so true to the mastery of the bands performance. 
It is easily in my opinion, the BEST sounding vinyl of 2013. 
Don’t believe me? I guess you’ll have to order it to find out. 

Until next time!
-Doug L4L

This week’s submission comes from Pittsburgh based band AMPLIFIERS.  For those who have not heard of the band, they are not a new part of the Pittsburgh music scene. Forming in 2007 the band has gone through a continual evolution of musical and theatrical development leading up to their first full length Everything Obsolete due out April 13th at their physical release show and April 16th for the digital world. 

This will inevitably be a revival to the pop punk and hardcore saturated regional scenes.  A breath of fresh air from layered atmospheric music that moves one without catchy choruses and breakdowns. “Everything Obsolete,” is an amalgamation of post-rock styling, with hard-hitting alternative rock roots. The album makes use of several instrumental preludes and segue tracks, from the beginning of the album to title track, “Everything Obsolete” transitioning again from, “Formations,” to “Semiformations,” to my favorite track “Redemption Song”.

“Redemption Song” is my personal favorite due to it’s explosive drum intro and hard hitting guitars coupled with the vocalists’, Si Lewis, ability to draw his lyrical styling from many 90s legends. A few of which that come to mind in this track are Maynard Keenan in the verses and Layne Staley in the chorus.

The album has a big sound and it is easy to see why. Everything Obsolete was blessed by the presence of Casey Crescenzo (The Receiving End Of Sirens & The Dear Hunter) who served as co-producer of the record providing background vocals and additional instrumentation on several tracks. Lewis stated that Crescenzo mixed Everything Obsolete in its entirety with producer Mike Watts at Vu Du Studios in Long Island, New York.

I highly recommend this album for anyone who is a fan of Tool, Moving Mountains, Failure, The Dear Hunter, and/or Alice in Chains. 

Check out their links!

Here is a sneak peak at the “Ghosts” in its entirety

Until next week!
-Doug L4L

The Inception: Part 1

Fans 4 Bands is putting together a really cool serious of compilations that all together provide you with 50 GREAT tracks by 50 GREAT local bands that everyone should know about! Everyone should definitely check this out and listen to the new generation of music that is soon to be sweeping the nation. Fall in love with new local bands and help them explode!

AKIRA just released their debut single “Wizard Sticks”
The song contains elements of metalcore and hardcore genres much like August Burns Red and Parkway Drive which is the main reason why this track sticks with me. Another reason why “Wizard Sticks” is such a great debut song, is it’s production value. At points it sounds as if the singer is turning into a demon with modulated harmonies, perhaps emulating a struggle between two Wizards? Lord of The Rings? Harry Potter? Magic The Gathering? Whatever they are going for, it works. 

Be on the look out for more great things from this South Carolina quintet!

For more information check out their Facebook page

-Doug L4L

For those that missed our updates on the Facebook page, I will only be doing ONE weekly review. 
So tune in WEDNESDAY’s at 4:00pm for some fresh new music!

Today’s feature is PROPHET, an Atlanta based hardcore/metal band. They are a reminder to the scene of how heavy a band can really get. Their new EP, Bottom Feeder, is a collection of suspense driven down tempo breakdowns, eerie guitar dissonance, coupled with brutal guttural vocal stylings leaving the listener wondering if they might be murdered while listening to the open track “Degenerate”. 

Their entire EP is available for FREE download on bandcamp here:

Be sure to check out these guys while you still can, it was announced March 11th that the group will be going on a hiatus for an undetermined amount of time. 

Their last show will be March 23rd at the Deli in Ringgold, Georgia.

RIYL: Recon, The Acacia Strain, Reign Supreme, King Conquerer 

Until next week!
-Doug L4L

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